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Who are you?
We are three Bahá’ís who discovered a mutual interest in this area and decided to pool our efforts to make the results available to others.  Two of us are Australian and one is from the United States.
How do I contact you?
See the Contact Us page.
Do you have permission to reformat and publish the books in this way?
Yes, we sought and received permission from the Bahá’í International Community, and other relevant copyright holders.
Why are there duplicate book titles and a number “2” after some titles?
We have entered into a collaboration with designer Iman Rastegari to bring you a set of unified covers for the Sacred Writings. We will be offering a choice of covers for certain books – Iman’s covers will allow you to create a unified set of book covers for your electronic bookshelves. When we have options for books covers, a number will appear beside the book so that you know that the only difference between the books is the cover.  In all other respects, the books are identical.  Iman’s covers will usually have the number ‘2’ after the title.
Will you have books in other languages?
It is our aim to provide the formatted books in French, German and Spanish over the coming year. Other languages may be added over time.
Why haven’t you used all the proper diacriticals?
Some file formats do not support all the diacriticals used in the Bahá’í Writings. We have used the proper diacritical markings wherever possible.
What if I find an error in one of the books?
Please bring it to our attention, with sufficient detail so that we can find and correct it as necessary.
Will you host my book on your web site?
Generally no, as our primary focus is on the Bahá’í Sacred Writings.  The only exception is if your book has been approved for publication by a National Spiritual Assembly.  We will consider its suitability for publication from our site after review.
Will you publish my book for me?
At this stage, the only new books we will consider publishing are those that have been approved for publication by a National Spiritual Assembly and provided we consider the subject matter and text suitable for publication from our site, after review.
Can I host your books on my web site?
No.  However, you are welcome to link to our web site.  Please let us know if you do this.
How do I download a book?
Please go to the Instructions pages and choose your particular device.
Can I read your books on my regular computer?
Absolutely. See the Instructions page for PC or Mac for a listing of the software available for each.
What if my device isn’t listed?
We would like to support as many devices as possible. If your device isn’t listed, please let us know.
Why don’t you provide Word and PDF files?
Bahá’í Sacred Writings in Word and PDF formats are already available for download at
Where can I get technical help?
Generally, beyond the Instructions pages provided, we are unable to provide specific technical advice to individuals. However, if you are having problems downloading books, do contact us by using our Contacts page.
When I download books, I get a zipped file or  garbled text and characters.  How do I fix this?
We have now fixed the problem.  If the problem arose prior to 16 September, 2010, you will need to redownload the books.  They should be in .epub format.    If you are having a problem post 16 September 2010, please send us an email through our Contacts page describing the web browser and operating system you use as well as the device you are trying to get the books onto.